Free Me (World Library FR-2013-SM) 1970?



Free Me contains some of Yantis’ best songwriting. Joining Yantis is a small backup band that includes lead guitar, banjo, tenor guitar, bass, congas, drums and backing ensemble vocals (the back cover identifies the participants as The New Day Singers and St. Andrews Folk Band & Singers). Stirring bittersweet melodies, some of them pleasantly touched with early Beatlesque folk/beat vibes. ‘Do It With Your Love’, ‘Of Love, Hope, Good Cheer’, ‘Why Limit God?’, ‘What Then Of Your Soul?’, ‘This Is Real’, seven more. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Free Me!
02 – Do It with Your Love
03 – Come As A Child
04 – Lord, Have Mercy (Kyrie)
05 – Of Love, Hope, Good Cheer
06 – Reaching Out
07 – Why Limit God
08 – What Then of Your Soul-
09 – Mary’s Boy
10 – Praise God from Whom All Blessings Come
11 – This is Real
12 – The New Amen Song