Unconditional Love (DY-101) 1971


Unconditional Love honed the rough edges for a sharper more professional sound, while still retaining the overall natural edges of an independent release. David on vocals and classical guitar, assisted by four others on additional guitars and rhythm section (no keyboards). Also touches of pedal steel and dobro adding mild rustic elements in spots. Periodic background vocals by the ten-member Frank Almond Singers. Features the usual mix of brisk tunes (the title track, ‘Joy In Christ, Alleluia!’, ‘Christ, The King’), flowing melodic tunes (‘Pass My Love Around’, ‘Now And Forever’) and moving ballads (‘A Tool In The Hands Of God’, ‘A Prayer Song’). My personal fave from the boy. I like him. Your mom might, too. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1. Christ the King
2. A Prayer Song
3. Sing Alleluia
4. Pass My Love Around
5. Create in Me a Clean Heart Willing
6. Now and Forever
7. Unconditional Love
8. Of Your Love
9. Joy in Christ Alleluia
10. A Tool in the Hands of God
11. Holy Holy Holy
12. Our Father