Hi God! (NALR R-73) 1973



Carey Landry - Hi (Fnt)

Hi God 2 (NALR 2R-75) 1975

Although these two double albums are marketed as a children’s program, the simple folk style used is more or less the same as on his solo lps. Every now and then there are kids singing along on the chorus, but a good portion of these should have the same adult appeal as Yes Lord and The Spirit Is A-Movin’ (except perhaps when he sings “I’m like a bright giant love ball bouncing around so free”). Assistance from Erich Sylvester, David Dube and John Pell. Co-written with eventual wife Carol Jean Kinghorn who also contributes some backing vocals. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

The first album is presented here. Boy does this album bring back some memories. As a babe in Christ and attending church in Scottsdale AZ we sang at least 4 of these songs on a regular basis. How appropriate that they came from a childrens album, yet are so powerful in praise.



Carey Landry - Hi (In Rt)

Carey Landry - Hi (In Lt)
Carey Landry - Hi (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the complete set of photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hi God
1-2Got To Get In Touch
1-3What Color Is God's Skin?
1-4What Makes Love Grow?
1-5Giant Love Ball Song
1-6Love That Is Kept Inside
1-7Reach Out
2-1Celebrate God
2-2God Is My Father
2-3Song Of Baptism
2-4Thank You Lord
2-5Peace Time
2-6Oh How I Love Jesus Rejoice In The Lord
2-7Joy Joy Joy
2-8Rejoice In The Lord
3-1Happy The Heart
3-2I Like God's Love
3-3Listen Listen
3-4I Believe In The Son
3-5Are Not Our Hearts
3-6Do You Really Love Me
3-7The Joy Of The Lord
4-1Reign Lord
4-2Great Things Happen
4-3Sing Praise
4-4His Banner Over Me Is Love
4-5The Spirit Is A-Movin'
4-6Rejoice In The Lord



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