Jesus Is The Bridge (Good GTE-5008) 1972



Radically cool male/female private press of rugged electric folkrock, basement rock and stirring psych-edged ballads. These four guys and three girls typically build their homemade underground sound around a couple electric guitars, plus organ, bass and drums. ‘Questions’ opens the album with a soft dreamy electric vibe, followed by ‘Blue’s’, a slow lazy blues-rock piece with snaky lead guitar and primitive electric piano. ‘Look Right Up’ is next, a terrific garage-band rocker that begins with raw jamming electric guitars, then slows for a melodic mid-section before exploding into action again. ‘Show Me What’s Real’ is a fine summery plugged-in soft rock tune, while the female-led ‘I’m On My Way’ sports a nice spirited electric folk-rock jangle. ‘One Way’ gently opens side two with lost psychy meltings of organ and electric guitar, followed by the spunky ‘Call Yourself A Christian’ with its ‘96 Tears’-ish organ. Next up are covers of Larry Norman’s ‘I Wish We’d All Been Ready’ and ‘Once You Understand’, the latter heavily embellished with angry generation-gap quarreling. ‘Bridging The Gap’ closes the album on a soft moody melancholy note. Exceptional! From Joplin, Missouri. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Special thank you to Ozark Ken.


1. questions
2. blue’s
3. look right up
4. show me what’s real
5. i’m on my way
6. one way
7. call yourself a Christian
8. once you understand
9. i wish we’d all been ready
10. bridging the gap