The Harvest Is Ripe (no label DSG-1) 1976

Six longhaired Aiken, South Carolina boys land a first-class winner on this custom Jesus rocker. Sort of progressive in a ‘70s FM rock sense, combining influences of Southern rock, country rock, hard rock and jazz rock. Lots of good electric guitar soloing opportunities coupled with a robust organ presence. The sound and production are decent as well, without being overly clean. Strong evangelistic thrust as titles like ‘Preach The Gospel’, ‘You Must Be Born Again’, ‘What The Lord Will Do For You’ and ‘Let Him Cleanse You’ indicate. Some pleasant acoustic ballads that remind me of groups like The Way. Closes with the lengthy ‘Resurrection Power’, a mostly instrumental melodic jazz-fusion piece with skillful trading of guitar and keyboard solos. Around 1000 made. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Let Him Cleanse You
02 – The Harvest Is Ripe
03 – What the Lord Will Do For You
04 – You Must Be Born Again
05 – Preach the Gospel
06 – Resurrection Power