Thank You For Life (Pilgrim/The Masters Collection PMC 7005) 1978? Canada *


Palatable pop/r&b sounds from six-member male/female black Canadian group led by Anthony Comer. Mellow for the most part, upbeat brass-backed tunes alternating with soulful string-sweetened ballads, with an occasional hint of jazz, funk or black gospel. Doesn’t quite pack the punch of secular r&b, but still stronger than your typical black contemporary/ccm offering. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – He’s My Friend
02 – I’ll Be With You
03 – There’s No Question
04 – God Is So Real To Me
05 – Everything Must Change
06 – This May Be
07 – Love
08 – Lord, I Thank You For Life
09 – Get In Touch