Upon This Rock (Revelation D6736) 1975


The professionalism continues on Upon This Rock, with Lynda’s synthesizer playing a bigger role. Includes dynamic interpretations of traditional songs (‘How Great Thou Art’, ‘The Battle Hymn Of The Republic’, ‘Statue Of Liberty’), as well as some bluegrass (‘I’ll Fly Away’, ‘A God Who Really Cares’) and jangly country rock (‘When We Shed Our Last Tear’). A tad lighter overall than their prior albums, but it also happens to contain the heaviest thing they’ve ever done in ‘Morning Sun’, a driving hard-rocker where Danny unfurls yet another phenomenal jaw-dropping electric guitar solo that blazes along for two full minutes. Says Danny: “I love to bend the strings of my Telecaster and pick out the melodies that speak the language of today about the God of yesterday, today and forever.” ‘Since God Made Me He Can Fix Me’ also proves itself a worthy rocker (love that wild moog action at the beginning). Lynda’s intense vocals stand with the best of female-led rock outfits like Earthen Vessel, Barnabas and Living Sacrifice Band. A recent Euro vinyl press called The First Revelation Of Danny & Lynda collects their best songs on a single disc. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1How Great Thou Art 4:22
1-2When We Shed Our Last Tear 3:18
1-3Rejoice In The Lord 3:14
1-4I'll Fly Away 2:21
1-5Morning Sun 4:22
2-1Lose Yourself In The Love Of The Lord 4:05
2-2The Battle Hymn Of The Republic 3:58
2-3Since God Made Me He Can Fix Me 3:16
2-4Statue Of Liberty 4:51
2-5A God Who Really Cares 2:14