Eternity Express II (Eternity LP 201) 1975?


Eternity Express - II (Fnt)


These two early recordings feature just the three teens Nathan, Mike and Dan Gaub, preened and decked out on the debut with three of the most hideous plaid suits ever conceived, not to mention those grotesque platform shoes. Musically Eternity can be a bitter pill to swallow. Although there’s some subtle electric guitar in the background, you really gotta pay close attention as it tends to be overpowered by the heavy synths, deep Righteous Brothers crooning, and an overall gospel feel. Comprised exclusively of standards like ‘I Should Have Been Crucified’, ‘Jesus Made Me Higher’, ‘Say I Do’, ‘For Those Tears I Died’, ‘I’ve Got Confidence’, ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’, etc. Grab this one to complete the history and to perhaps frame that cheesy cover. Eternity Express II on the other hand has some excellent unpolished garage rock moments. The electric guitars are much more noticeable; indeed this is probably their only album that consistently scores in the rugged home-made style that gets private press collectors worked up. ‘Where Could I Go’ is a basement rocker’s dream, droning along with some choice primitive fuzz. ‘Rock And Roll’ also has a few good guitar leads backed by crude pumped-up drums, while ‘Be Nice To The Little Guy’ is decorated with bits of wah-wah guitar. Several selections feature mellotron accompaniment, like the dreamy opener ‘Jesus Is The Way’. A couple lesser tracks still reveal the weakness of their vocals, yet overall the damage is minimal. Cool cover with ornate logo and b&w oval-framed photos of the guys decked out in old-fashioned garb. If you get just one Eternity Express album, make it this one! (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Thank you Donald for the improved front cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jesus Is The Way3:20
1-2Where Could I Go3:30
1-3Front Seat Back Seat3:45
1-4I'll See You In The Rapture3:30
2-2Rock And Roll3:30
2-3Be Nice To The Little Guy3:10
2-4You Should Have Come Sooner3:50