Perfect Day (Care V1401) 1978













Mellow jazzy and occasionally funky pop, rock and ballads custom from seven-man group with a sound much like the pre-Koinonea band Sonlight, along with touches of Sweet Comfort Band. The keyboards are all proficiently done (including Fender Rhodes, piano, clavinet, and mellotron), plus there’s some good lead electric guitar. ‘Jesus Is The Rock’ picks up with some nice dual guitar action, while ‘Matthew 8:23-26’ gets fairly serious with the clavinet. ‘He’ll Walk On The Water’ tries out a bit of gospel harmonica blues. Can’t say the ballads get me too worked up, but the songs with breezy melodic grooves like ‘Light Your Way’ and ‘The Everyday Life’ aren’t too bad. Custom label from Braselton, Georgia. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).








Visions - Perfect (Bck)






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Perfect Day
1-2Light Your Way
1-3The Lord's Song
1-4He'll Walk On The Water
1-5Jesus Is The Rock
2-1The Everyday Life
2-2Real Peace
2-3Matthew 8-23-26
2-4And He Loves Me