Final Call (Estate ATS 533) 1981



I was reminded on a couple occasions of Rising Hope on this capable homemade offering from five Pennsylvania guys, particularly the songs ‘Jesus You Saw Me’ and ‘Faith That Makes Me Strong’. Though mostly soft to middle-of-the-road rockers, they do sometimes manage a harder edge, like the slow Southern doo-woppy blues of ‘Don’t You Know’ where slide guitar is featured. A few country rock moves here and there. Can tend toward a rather generic sound, but it does get a lift from an occasional Phil Keaggy-like effect on the lead guitar. Very cool b&w cover of stage with angel pointing to planet earth and winged clock about to strike twelve. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



01 – Jesus You Saw Me
02 – If Ye Be Risen
03 – Bible Song
04 – Don’t You Know
05 – Final Call
06 – They Met The Lord
07 – Third Heaven
08 – Faith That Makes Me Strong