Broken Pieces (Sold Out SO-002) 1980



With their warm-hearted jangly country folk and folk-rock sound, Sold Out To Jesus brings to mind the best moments of bands like Phoenix Sonshine, Dove, Dogwood and Suncast. Primarily an acoustic guitar setting plus electric guitar, bass and drums, filled in here and there with background synthesizer. Songs like the title track and ‘He’s There’ jangle along at a brisk bass-propelled pace with relaxed male/female harmonies hovering over the music, capturing the essence of the familiar ‘70s rural Jesus music style. Nice electric guitar presence on ‘The Sun’s Coming Up’, ‘Heed The Call’ and ‘Rest Stop Johnny’. Features ten original songs, some of which would blend in perfectly on The RFD’s Lead Me Home. Look closely at the cover – the cracks in the vase spell out the group’s name. Custom album recorded in North Carolina. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Broken Pieces3:28
1-2Love Song3:40
1-4The Easter Song5:53
2-1The Son’s Coming Up2:30
2-2He’s There2:37
2-3He Set Me Free2:06
2-4Rest Stop Johnny3:19
2-5Head The Call3:29
2-6The Water Of Life3:20