Let Our Love Be A Light (Profile GMOR 004) 1974 UK *



Wow! I adore their debut but this thing leaves it in the dust! With Let Our Love Be A Light the band broadened their sound and expanded their artistic vision, aiming for a more progressive and electric sound that brings to mind the best moments of Parchment (in fact they include a cover of ‘Love Is Come Again’). Although gentler in the vocals, songs like ‘Speak To The Sky’ (yes, the Rick Springfield tune!) sure have that raw romping feistiness that became Parchment’s trademark. There’s some good straightforward British folkrock on here but a few tunes are quite exceptional. ‘Crown Of Thorns’ for instance – a beautiful brooding piece of minor-key orchestral folk full of passion. ‘Resurrection Song’ is similarly mysterious with eerie organ accompaniment (did somebody say “folk/psych”?). ‘A Virgin Most Pure’ reminds me of traditional Irish folk music (which it may be for all I know). Lovely string quartet on ‘When I Survey’ to the tune of yet another song. The group renamed themselves Sapphire for their third Profile album. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

Thanks Leif for sharing the music.



01. Turn Your Radio On
02. A Virgin Most Pure
03. Crown Of Thorns
04. Love Is Come Again
05. It Was Jesus
06. Three Crosses
07. Let Our Love Be A Light Unto The People
08. Resurrection Song
09. Speak To The Sky
10. When I Survey
11. Jesus Is Coming Again
12. Say I Do