This Side Of Eternity, 2nd version  (Revelation D5051) 1974


For their next project the Kimers upped their budget, picked up a new drummer, and in an unusual move re-recorded the entire This Side Of Eternity album, re-interpreting almost every song. In the process an already excellent album becomes even better, although they’re so different collectors will want to track down both versions. If you like your music more on the raw unprocessed side then you’ll probably prefer the first version, since Linda’s synthesizers are laid down a bit stronger here. The electric guitar solos are completely different, but still just as chaotic, growling even louder than on the first version. The two bluegrass numbers appear to be unchanged. The cover art and catalog numbers are identical, with only the drummer’s name to distinguish the original harder-to-find version (drums – John Hauser) from the second version (drums – Bob Argiro). (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1This Side Of Eternity
1-2Where Could I Go
1-3Jesus Loves Me
1-4Lord, Come Into My Life
1-5Lords Last Supper
2-1As Long As You Listen
2-2All My Trials
2-3New Jerusalem
2-4Amazing Grace
2-5Swing Low Sweet Chariot