Holiness Unto The Lord (USR 8189) 1976?

A likeable acoustic folk/folkrock custom featuring three girls and two guys from Moline, Illinois. Songs vary between those with strummed acoustic guitar and others where piano is the primary instrument (most songs use both, along with electric bass). A few recognizable Jesus music titles in here, including covers of The Road Home (‘Since I Met Jesus’), Andrae Crouch (‘Jesus Is The Answer’), Randy Stonehill (‘I Love You’) and Debbie Kerner (‘Amen! Praise The Lord’). They also perform some of their own songs, highlights being the briskly strummed ‘Jesus’ (with solo male vocal) and the graceful guitar track ‘Karen’s Song’ (with solo female vocal). Front cover says “Holiness Unto The Lord”, while the record says “Born Again” – I’m not sure which is the group’s name, or if Born Again is simply the name of the label? (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).
A special thank you to David for sharing the music and album covers.

01 Since I Met Jesus
02 Without His Love
03 Jesus
04 Psalm 19
05 Jesus Is The Answer
06 I Love You
07 I Was In His Mind
08 Karen’s Song
09 What Can I Say
10 Amen! Praise The Lord

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