No Room For Fighting  (Glenmore  GLR 580)  1980  UK *




If this album seems like a completely different band, that’s because it is. They’re still a Youth For Christ Europe ministry out of Holland, but with a whole new line-up. The 1980 version of Oasis has done away with the old folk influences, moving forward in a rock and disco/new-wave/pop direction. Heavens, they practically sound like The Rolling Stones on the opening ‘Fight On The Street’, that is until the female lead vocal kicks in. More good rockers can be found in ‘Border To Border’ and ‘Snake In The Grass’, as well as the reggae-influenced ‘Do It Now’. ‘Riding High’, ‘Closer To You’, ‘Why Blame Me?’ and ‘Is It You?’ are all catchy tunes propelled by a thumping dance beat reminiscent of the Writz/Fish Co gang. Also a couple ballads, ‘Need To Need You’ and ‘So Much Love’. Produced by Nutshell’s Paul Field who also contributes keyboards, synthesizers and additional vocals. As long you don’t mind a touch of the ‘80s sound, I’d say this is a strong record. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

A special thank you to Leif for sharing this music with us.




01 – Fight On The Street
02 – Riding High
03 – Do It Now
04 – Need To Need You
05 – Closer To You
06 – Why Blame Me
07 – Border To Border
08 – Snake In The Grass
09 – Is It You
10 – [Unknown]