Land Of Hope And Glories (Kingsway KMR340) 1981 UK *


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A special thank you to Leif for sharing this music with us.



Song #Song TitleTime
01I’m Gonna Be A Glorie3:39
02I Ain’t No Drip … I Enjoy Getting Wet3:26
03Praise Away3:52
04It’s Amazing2:18
05D Is For Dynamite3:35
06Healing Aid3:24
07Mora Glorie … Less Me3:49
08Lord We’ve Come2:11
09I Am A Miserie2:58
10Wot’s The Point1:37
11Dying For Live4:05
13My Lord Is Higher1:30
14Young Head On Old Shoulders3:11
15Martyrs Praise Song2:52
16Land Of Hope And Glories1:41