Ready Salted (Myrrh Gold MYR 1005) 1973 UK *

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with just two voices and two guitars. Ishmael is Ian Smale of Ishmael United and Rev Counta fame, as well as numerous new wave children’s oddities. Andy is none other than After The Fire’s Andy Piercy. Ready Salted is best described as high-energy acoustic rock sung with exuberance, zaniness and thick British accents. Side one appears to be a simple studio session, while side two adds a small audience that claps and cheers between the songs and sings along gruffly on a few of the choruses. Check out ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ with its lyrics of “got a feelin’ you got a Hallelujah sittin’ way down inside of you… Just give it a bit of air space – c’mon and praise the Lord!”. Titles like ‘Salt & Light Company’, ‘Son Of God’, ‘We Got Jesus We Got Joy’, ‘Charisma’ and ‘I’m So Happy’ all burst forth with vigorous strums and enthusiastic vocals. Also note the pre-Ishmael United version of ‘Christian Schizophrenic’, herein simply titled ‘Schizo’. For the more solemn side of the twosome, listen to the aching conviction within the minor-key ‘Paddy’. I know at least one collector that claims this album as his favorite folk recording. Released only in the UK. Nothing else like this! (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


A special thank you to Leif for sharing this music with us.  Thank you Ken for the front cover photo.  Thank you Discogs for the label and rear cover.



Song #Song TitleTime
01Salt And Light Company3:29
02Psalm 139:6-124:23
04Son Of God2:51
05Who Is He4:24
06Hallelujah Chorus3:01
07We Got Jesus We Got Joy2:37
10All God’s Children2:21
11I’m So Happy5:29