Charge Of The Light Brigade (Dovetail DOVE 31) 1975 UK *

Before Ishmael United (new wave zaniness) and after Ishmael & Andy (acoustic zaniness) there was simply Ishmael (proto-wave zaniness). On this album he’s backed by several musicians, including the 1975 incarnation of After The Fire (listing Peter Banks, Andy Piercy, Robin Childs, and Ian Adamson as members). Contained herein are some of the usual bizarre titles and quirky music we’ve come to expect from Mr. Smale, including ‘Mission To Seagulls’ and ‘Christian Strait Jacket’. ‘Sixth Virgin’ is energized with a lively electric rock-n-roll groove, while the hard-rocking ‘I Am Just A Charismatic’ delivers some potent guitar riffs and fuzz. That familiar cheesy organ from the future Ishmael United project makes its debut on the opening title track. I’m not sure what all instruments I hear in the bouncy ‘Laodicean Church’, but I’d guess pots and pans, bed-springs and a duck call (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what phrases like “C of E Pente Bapt and Co Metha Conga Free Quake” and “we got an umpti-uni-church break” mean). The mood softens for the acoustic ballad ‘King Of Glory’, then closes on a goofy island sing-along note with ‘Amen And Praise De Lord’. Later re-issued on Kingsway in an entirely different cover (the Dovetail original has neat colorful comic-book-styled art). This guy was way ahead of his time. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



A special thank you to Leif for sharing this music with us.  Thank you Ken for the Dove front cover and thank you Discogs for the Kingsway front and label photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Charge of the Light Brigade3:40
1-2Spiritual Stagnation4:26
1-3Mission to Seagulls3:25
1-4Simon and the Gypsy3:15
1-5I Am Just a Charismatic2:51
2-1Laodecean Church3:17
2-2Christian Straitjacket3:23
2-3Sixth Virgin3:35
2-4King of Glory5:15
2-5Amen and Praise De Lord5:21