Windfire (Holy Trax! no #) 1981











Cool name, cool cover, and cool music from this group of male artists, all members of a Detroit non-denominational fellowship. A sharp 70s rural rock kind of sound strengthened by the rugged home-made vibes and firm electric guitar backing/leads. ‘Feed My Little Ones’, ‘The Message Still Stands’ and ‘Jesus You’re The Joy’ all benefit from some nice flute accompaniment. Other stand-outs are the brisk harmonica-led ‘He Gave To Us’ and the mid-tempo Southern-edged ‘My Search’. Several different song-writers for the album’s ten original tunes. (Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition).

A special thank you to David for providing the music.












Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Feed My Little Ones4:17
1-2The Message Still Stands6:35
1-3He Is My Song2:58
1-4Trust In Him3:50
2-1Jesus You’re The Joy3:35
2-2Jesus Is Mine2:55
2-3He Gave To Us5:39
2-4My Search4:14
2-5Feel So Good1:00