Today I have started working on the blog again. I am working at present to do some long overdue updating. It may take me awhile to get back into the swing of things. Some work is better than no work. I have had some problems with equipment and internet connections as well as other problems. I have not stopped searching for new additions for this site and have gathered a number of new additions. I have made some small changes over ther time I’ve been gone mostly changing links for a couple of artist who have re-released their work on CD’s. Thank you for everyone who has posted comments during my absence. I have tried to keep up with them as they come in at least in the reading of them. I am still looking for additional albums so if you have an album that you think should be posted please contact me by email to see if I have it yet or if I’d be interested in it or them. I have started to add labels to all the old post and once those are more current then I will remove the old index which stoped working a couple months before I took some time off.