Here To Stay (Genesis 3) 1976 UK *










Cephas is Dave and Lesley Newman, a British duo with a serene acoustic folk-rock approach similar to Parchment and Malcolm & Alwyn. Lesley’s lovely vocals and the rich 12-string sound make for refreshing listening. Both she and Dave were graduates of a gospel rock band called Kerygma. ‘M and A’ is an interesting song in that it laments the breakup of Malcolm & Alwyn – it’s clear that those UK pioneers had a strong influence in fashioning the Cephas sound. (Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition).











Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Underdog3:45
1-2Peace Through Jesus2:18
1-3He’s Coming Soon3:20
1-4Reflection 233:00
1-5Kiss The Moon4:27
1-6Since You Came Along2:37
2-1Emmanuel’s Road3:34
2-2Here To Stay3:45
2-3M. And A.3:52
2-4He’s My Friend3:31
2-6Smile God Loves You4:13