Love Come Near (Jonah ARP 9488) 1975











Although there are many fine folk lps out there, few are the ones whose melodies really strike an emotional response within me. The music of this gentleman is one of the exceptions. This is truly a precious collection of songs. You might recognize C P Mudd from his collaborations with Neil Blunt on the NALR album Possible Gospel and The Group’s No Time Like The Present. His songs just seem so incredibly moving, joyful expressions balanced with beautiful calm soothing ballads led by one of the nicest voices you’ll ever hear. Accompanying him are acoustic guitars, flute, banjo and bongos, with Tim Schoenbachler on piano, bass, synthesizer and string ensemble. I mean it – I’m touched. (Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Lift Up Your Voices2:19
1-2Song Of Reassurance4:01
1-3Offertory Prayer2:02
1-4Step By Step2:06
1-5We Come For Life2:40
1-6Love Come Near3:47
2-1If We Go To The Mountain4:03
2-2Love Doesn't Care At All1:42
2-3Acclamation IV0:37
2-4Unless We Die2:21
2-5Rise Up2:49
2-6If You Love Me4:17