Exit (Hand In Hand HHGR-1000) 1977



First time I heard this Arizona progressive country rock private press resulted in a jaw-drop of silence. Not a shabby cut on here, with several stretching out into exceptional. ‘Exit-Glory Road’ for instance opens the album with a classic artsy progressive hard rock guitar overture. Several middle-ground rural acoustic songs follow bringing to mind the music of Horizon, The Way, and Sons Unto Glory. On the quieter side are a pair of dreamy soft-psych tracks: ‘Straight Gate’ delicately utilizes flute and reverse guitars for an other-worldly texture, while the equally mesmerizing mostly-acoustic ‘New Jerusalem’ achieves a similar effect with trippy synths and wah-wah guitar Greg Williams delivers some brilliant acoustic and electric guitar solos throughout. (The Archivist by Ken Scott).




Track NumberSong TitleTime
1-1Glory Road
1-2Sing And Shout
1-3Straight Gate
1-4Which Way To Go
2-1Follow Me
2-2Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
2-3New Jerusalem