A Special Thank You to everyone who has visited this site. I hope that you have enjoyed the music and maybe found some that really struck your fancy. It has been an up and down year for me personally but I’m still trying to fight the good fight or run the good race. May God Bless you all in very special and real ways. A special thank you to all the artist from this time. Those who have contacted me, and those who have not, for making such wonderful music. To read your comments has meant a lot to me. I have not responded to every comment, but I have to many. I am not trying to ignore anyone but sometimes time just does not provide enough to get everything done.

Again thank you to everyone who has made this past year possible. To Ken for his wonderful reviews and sharing them with me. Also for most of the photos. Thank you Steve for cleaning up some of the photos. Thank you to Chuck, Leif, Ed, Randy, David, and others for providing some of the music to keep this site going. May the music continue to inspire and keep moving us forward. Thank you to those artist who I was able to locate for allowing me to use your older music and I hope I’ve helped you to sell some of your more recent works.

diakoneo (To minister to serve)