Limpic and Rayburn with Dave Pollard (Fanfare FM76021 Myrrh MSA 6575) 1976



Original Cover


2nd Cover



Also known as Gerry Limpic & Mark Rayburn With Dave Pollard.  This sharply produced custom lp was later picked up by Myrrh (MSA-6575), a perfect fit for the label’s softening mid-’70s stance.  Limpic & Rayburn’s music is a catchy blend of wholesome folky pop/light-rock and acoustic ballads, with similarities to both Gospel Seed and the Pat Terry Group.  The duo typically both play acoustic guitar, trading turns on electric guitar and keyboards.  Pollard supplies the bass role while others fill in on drums, percussion and additional keyboards.  Features eleven of their songs, including ‘Sunshine In My Soul’, ‘Come To The River’, ‘Freedom And Peace’, ‘Second Childhood’ and ‘Door In My Life’.  Gorgeous string arrangements on the stirring ‘Empty Words’.  The original Fanfare press from California has a different and much nicer cover photo.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).









A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Sunshine in My Soul3:42
1-2Empty Words4:16
1-4Love You3:35
1-5Come to the River4:03
2-1Flying Away3:12
2-2Freedom and Peace2:59
2-3Second Childhood4:34
2-4Door in my Life3:00
2-5Where are you Going5:21
2-6Together Again3:13