Speak To Your People, Oh Lord (Alba House RAH 1035) 1977





Dailey, Joe & Friends - Speak To Your People, Oh Lord




Equally good follow-up that excels in melodic acoustic folk-rock sounds along with touching bitter-sweet ballads Some of the highlights are the vibrant baroque—influenced ‘Rejoice! Rejoice!’, a penetrating cover of the Shaker hymn ‘O Holy Father’ backed by organ and accordion, and the climactic ballad ‘We Have Sinned’. ‘Now We Can Be Friends’ keeps the strumming Miffleton vibe alive, while the ballads ‘You Are Loved’ and ‘Even The Sparrow’ draw you in with their gentle stirring melodies Piano has been effectively added to the mix. Also attractive use of recorder on a couple songs. Sometimes brings to mind early Marty Haugen. The core group is now a foursome (Joe Dailey, Pam Conn, Karen Klepack and Bernard Hall), aided by a few additional musicians, including some long-haired guitar dude on the front cover. Some of the prettiest stuff I’ve heard. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).