Living Force (KM 4986) 1979








Incredibly beautiful folk custom from Southern California group that creates enchanting moods through poignant song-writing and touching harmonies coupled with shimmering 12-string guitars and dreamy synthesizer (a Crumar Orchestrator to be specific).  Heading up this fifteen-person group is Jeanne Geidel, composer of all the songs, as well as periodic lead singer and rhythm guitarist.  Vocals range from solo to small-group to ensemble, mostly female-led, although the guys can be heard on a couple of the later songs.  The ballads are especially gorgeous with their attractive melodies and stirring chord progressions, including ‘One With Me’, ‘Along The Way’, ‘Come Follow Me’ and the title track.  Upbeat strummed numbers like ‘Changin’ and ‘Trinity’ are equally compelling.  Decorated here and there with some nice lead acoustic guitar fills.  Twelve songs in all.  Front cover calls this “liturgical music”, but it sure sounds a whole lot prettier than what I usually associate with liturgical music.  Catholic I’m assuming, since  there’s brief narration from a Father on the closing songs.









A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2One With Me5:10
1-3Along the Way5:13
1-5Come Follow Me4:40
2-1Living Force6:12
2-2Glory to God4:37
2-3Father, We have Gathered3:33
2-4Hosanna to Our King2:10
2-5Alleluia Lord1:03
2-6Doxology - Amen Alleluia1:32
2-7The Lord's Prayer2:55