The Gospelfolk (Gosport Sound Service No #) 1967 UK *




Sorry no picture of this one as it is in a plain white cover




I have a xian folk lp(10″) from 1967 on a private pressing label which I would think is the only known copy. Not in the best of condition its a folky from the UK by a group called The Gospel Folk. This is not the same band that did the prodigal lp.  It’s a plain white cover. The lp is from 1967. To give you some idea of the scale of the pressing operation I have found this link for some of the history behind the Gosport Sound Services label it appears on. I have also contacted a chap a while ago who was reasonably knowledgeable and he thinks it is likely to have been pressed in no more than 20 copies or as low as 1!   here’s the link – To Peter_Copeland   If anyone finds any more information on this group or this album please let me know.   diakoneo






A special thank you to Grant for providing the music and some of the research on this album.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Is Christianity?1:57
1-2Jesus' love2:39
1-3But I know1:45
1-4Man Called Jesus2:30
1-5Trying To Forget2:25
1-6Jesus Walked A Road2:28
1-7So Happy Together2:39
2-2Faith Hope and Love2:02
2-3Great Good News2:01
2-4Our Father1:23
2-5I've Got Jesus to Help Me1:45
2-6Better Than Light3:07