Almost…..Live (Track Eight TE 012) 1980







Electric country-folk trio of Dave Reuter, John Harper and Sharon Harper.  Good lean yet clear sound featuring relaxed guy/gal  harmonies backed solely by a fluid trio of acoustic guitar, electric bass and electric guitar.  The latter is periodically endowed with cool wah-wah effects, a couple times bringing to mind a leaner more laid-back Joyful Noise Electric Gospel.  Some decent upbeat rural folk-rocking moves (‘Whatever The Reason’, ‘I Know’), a touch of boogie on ‘Suppertime’ and ‘I’ll Hide Away’, nearing rockabilly territory on ‘Saved, Saved, Saved’.  Other selections are slow-n-easy, like ‘We’ve So Much To Thank God For’, a medley of hymns and covers of ‘Father I Adore You’ and ‘Say I Do’ (the electric guitar takes a break on some of these).  Custom job from South Carolina.  Dave was also a member of New Folk, the group that recorded Country Faith on the Impact label.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Whatever the Reason2:50
1-2Welcome-Behold I Stand at the Door4:06
1-3Saved, Saved, Saved2:58
1-5Didn't that Bible Say-There's Power in the Blood-There is a Fountain4:11
2-1Father I Adore You1:32
2-2I Know2:24
2-3I'll Hide Away2:34
2-4We've So Much to Thank God For3:09
2-5Say I Do3:19
2:6My Heart is Steadfast2:52