Jésus va revenir est-tu prêt? (Jesus is going to come back are you ready?) (Private KO 091113) 1973? France *










This album is referred to as Xian folk rock/blues.  This is another French album.  I have included a rough translation into English with an occasional word that did not translate in (?????). It is not found in the Archivist.  diakoneo









A special thank you to Didier for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Il a les pieds tout blancs (It has the very white feet)3:05
1-2Pardone leur (Pardon them)3:55
1-3Déception Blues (Disappointment Blues)5:40
1-4Ne pense pas (Do not think)3:10
1-5Le Seigneur souttre (The Lord Suffer)6:00
2-1Si seulement (So only)3:00
2-2Remord (Re-bite)3:55
2-3Le Seigneur patiente (The Lord waits)3:35
2-4Ne te moque pas (Do not make fun)2:40
2-5Supporte le (Support)5:00
2-6L'Étincelle (The Spark)3:35



Members: Rémy Weité, Gérard Faivre, Michel Jacques, Pascal Emonnot, Chritiane Laurent