Pilgrim’s Road (A+R no #) 1976





Pretzel Front Cover


Custom Front Cover





Backwood is songwriter/singer/guitarist Mike Wood and singer/guitarist Anne Hart Back (Back. Wood. Backwood. Get it?). Joined by Lloyd Williams on fender bass and Nick Weiland on guitar and mandolin, this Ohio group produces a very simple and quiet folk sound with emphasis on the lyric. ‘I Am My Brother’s Brother’, ‘Love Is Like A Circle’, ‘We Reach Out For Love’, ‘God Gives Freely’ and ‘The Earth Is Filled’ are some of the titles of Mike’s songs. Eighteen songs in all, a few of which are short liturgical refrains. Both Mike and Anne have agreeable voices well-suited to the genre. The original custom press has photo of a barn and farm on the front. Later picked up by Pretzel (a tiny California Catholic label), the cover replaced with an illustration of a tree. See Conversations for the group’s follow-up recording. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).





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Backwood - A+R (Bck)

Custom Rear Cover




Thank you Donald for the rear cover for the A +R album.  A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I am My Brother's Brother2:40
1-2Because We are One2:50
1-3Pilgrim's Song2:25
1-4Love is Like a Circle1:35
1-5Lonely Days2:15
1-6We Reach Out for Love1:56
1-7Amy's Song2:20
1-8Together Again (Scotty's Song)2:35
2-2Daily Bread2:53
2-3Celebration (Timmy's Song)1:55
2-4God Gives Freely2:50
2-5The Earth is Filled2:45
2-6Praise and Honor0:55
2-7Alleluia, Christ Has Died0:50
22-8Alleluia (before Gospel)1:00
2-9Lamb of God1:15
2-10On the Road2:18