Happy Days (Toby 7083N13) 1976?








Three guys and their light-hearted folk-rock custom. It’s that down-South brand of pastoral folk-rock, with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and harmonica, plus some melodic pop sentiment for a sound not too distant from the Pat Terry Group (‘Just Passin’ Thru’ duplicates PTG perfectly). A few light fuzz leads sprinkled about, sometimes upping the rock angle as on ‘He’s Coming Back’ and ‘Gift Of God’. Ballads like ‘New Life’ and ‘If’ get a dose of piano or Arp strings – can you say Bread? Not sure of the date but I’d guess around 1976 since ‘Insurance Plan’ has a reference to Kissinger and ‘Yesterday, Today & Forever’ swipes a line from Wings’ ‘Silly Love Songs’. Doesn’t bowl you over but pleasant enough. Recorded in Youngstown, Ohio. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).









A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Happy Days2:44
1-2Insurance Plan3:19
1-3He's Coming Back2:34
1-4New Life2:52
1-5Sons of God2:38
2-1Never too Much to Bear, Yesterday, Today and Forever3:48
2-2Jesus Love3:41
2-3Gift of God2:35
2-4Just Passin' Thru2:28