Jesus (Larry Coyle Productions LCP-1003) 1974






Mellow folk-rock custom from Whittier, California foursome alternating male and female lead vocals, with some nice acoustic guitar work plus piano, flute, harp, bass, and drums (Al MacDougall). Warm harmonies and good song-writing, sometimes recalling Children Of The Day. Some pleasant jangly tunes like ‘I Can Do Something’, ‘My Friend’ and ‘Feel The Spirit’. Stirring female vocals are backed by flute and harp to create a beautiful atmospheric mood on ‘Night With The Sea’. One kazoo-tooting novelty piece ‘TV Commercial Song’ comparing several product advertising slogans to God (“like Bayer aspirin He works wonders. Like Dial soap He gives you 24-hour protection”). Also in a semi-humorous vein is ‘Praise Song’ which among other things encourages you to thank the Lord for the car driver that just cut you off. Mostly original songs by Beverly Wartenbe or Bill Sandford, plus a cover of ‘Look To Your Soul’. I like the photo on the back showing four pairs of shoes and two guitars on the floor behind empty microphone stands, the caption being 1 Thessalonians 4:16 (I’ll let you look it up). A real charmer with neat woodcut sign-of-the-fish cover. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).










01. Jesus Loves You
02. I Can Do Something
03. House of Confusion
04. My Friend
05. Praise Song
06. Feel the Spirit
07. Look to Your Soul
08. T.V. Commercial Song
09. Night with the Sea
10. Listen to the Lord


A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.