It’s An Invitation (General GRS-5437) 1974



Quasi-interesting acoustic male/female folk local press from Omak, Washington. Stuff like ‘One Tin Soldier’, ‘Gospel Changes’ and John Denver’s ‘For Bobby’ and ‘Sunshine’ are predictably ho-hum, but on the originals they seem to rise above their cover-band trappings. ‘Gentle Jesus’ is a particularly inventive track with a strange instrumental bridge incorporating piano and a trio of violins that sounds almost like a synthesizer. A few of the covers aren’t too shabby either: Godspell’s ‘By My Side’, Randy Matthews’ ‘Hallelujah Brother’, the Medical Mission Sisters’ ‘Child Of The Morning’ and John Prine’s ‘Blow Up Your TV’ (with wild fiddle action). Also includes the one-millionth cover of Larry Norman’s ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2A Mist1:53
1-3For Bobby2:47
1-4Halleluia Brother1:19
1-5By My Side3:20
1-6Gentle Jesus3:48
1-7Child of Morning1:35
1-8Blow up your T.V.1:45
2-1Peace Lord0:45
2-3Gospel Changes2:30
2-5Communion Song4:05
2-6One Tin Soldier3:08
2-7Wish We’d All been Ready1:11
2-8Great Day0:49
2-9God of Love3:45