Messiah (Central Sound CSS-166) 1976



Florida seems to have been a hotbed for Christian folk-rock bands in the ‘70s, and His New Creation is one of the best. They check in mostly on the mellow side, the male/female vocal mix and keyboard presence (piano, synths) landing their sound somewhere between Children Of The Day and 2nd Chapter Of Acts. Like the latter they know how to cut loose and up the voltage when called for (check out the spicy electric guitar solo on ‘Song For Greg’). ‘Jesus Is The Same’ and ‘New Life’ also have nice bustling moods, balanced with softer stirring songs like ‘Go To The Vineyard’ and the title track. Even a drum solo on the five and a half minute ‘Isaiah 53 – The Crucifixion’. Good original song-writing with catchy melodies. Very well done, and only 1000 made. From Winter Haven, Florida. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Jesus is the Same3:05
1-3I'm Ready - The Voice in your Heart4:06
1-4New Life2:25
1-5Go to the Vineyard4:55
2-2Song for Greg4:00
2-3Isaiah 53 - The Crucifixion5:30
2-4Going Home3:25



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.