This Side Of Heaven (CSS 903) 1978


Scott Hammond and Michael Williams are the type of guys you can easily imagine doing the coffee-house circuit. Their custom album This Side Of Heaven features some excellent ballads in a reflective acoustic style along with a few samplings of friendly banjo folk. Moving harmonies combine with skillful guitar playing as they work their way through titles like ‘Quazimoto’, ‘Nazarene’, ‘I Am Dross’, ‘Before The Wind’, ‘Oh God, I’m Down’ and ‘Zacchaeus’. Title track reminds me of Oden Fong. Considering how many male Christian folk duos run the extremes of either blandly strummed cover songs or big over-glossed arrangements, it’s refreshing to see such a stark simple beauty as that of Hammond and Williams. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-2This Side of Heaven3:33
1-5I am Dross3:35
1-6In Memory2:07
2-1Before the Wind3:10
2-2Take Your Place2:17
2-3Golden Eyes3:00
2-4Oh God I’m Down3:35
2-6Scotty’s Song2:30


A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.