God Unlimited (Century 34122) 1969?


One day you’re leaning back with a smug grin on your face, content in the knowledge that you’ve finally acquired the complete God Unlimited catalog. Next thing you know you’re reading online about a previously undiscovered ultra-rare custom release, one that presumably pre-dates all the others. When I finally got to hear a copy of the recording (thanks Douglas) I was most certainly not disappointed. Okay, so what exactly do we have here? Basically the record sounds like a rougher home-made version of their first “official” album, Joy And Other Sublime Aspirations. The acoustic guitars and characteristic male/female choral vocals have been defined, the electric bass is loud and cavernous in a low-tech way, the drums are in there solid, and the periodic electric guitar leads add a welcome garage edge. Most of these songs would later be re-recorded for the first three GIA albums, including ‘The Lord Is Come’, ‘Break Open’, ‘Ride On’, ‘Leaves A Fallin’, ‘Joy’, ‘The New Morn’, ‘Sing Freedom’, ‘Praise God’ and an a cappella version of ‘Blow Wind’. ‘Go Forth, My Brothers’ and ‘Listen Lord’ appear to be otherwise unavailable. Same for ‘Where Are We A-Goin’ and the stirring ballad ‘The Freedom Song’, both of which feature solo male vocals and finger-picked acoustic guitar. Cool pink/red cover graphics. Both the front and back state “The Diocesan Youth Choir presents God Unlimited”.   (Ken Scott – The Archivist).



Thank you George for better cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Lord Is Come4:27
1-2Break Open3:20
1-3Ride On3:41
1-4Leaves A Fallin2:32
1-5The New Morn3:14
1-6Blow Wind2:58
2-2Go Forth, My Brothers2:05
2-3Sing Freedom3:16
2-4Where Are We A-Goin3:04
2-5The Freedom Song3:36
2-6Listen Lord3:03
2-7Praise God2:37


A special thank you to ED for providing the music.