Cry Of The Watchman (Oracle GJS26078) 1982








After numerous down sizings of my ‘80s albums over the years, the Gene & Janny album remains solidly in place on the shelf. A timeless blend of dreamy acoustic melodies and jazz-influenced rock, Cry Of The Watchman has a delicate beauty about it that I find quite compelling. In particular the classical use of instruments such as viola and violin elevates the work in much the same manner as the arrangements on Water Into Wine Band’s recordings. On the heavier side of things are more progressive tracks like ‘Oh The Heavens’, featuring excellent Steely Dan-ish electric guitar and organ leads over-top some complex rhythms. Production is top notch, giving light to Gene’s acoustic guitar as well as the duo’s soft moving harmonies. Comes in a handsome artsy gate-fold cover. From Avondale Estates, Georgia. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).









Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Too Many People2:08
1-3Cry of the Watchman3:49
1-4As a Child3:30
1-5Where You Are5:41
1-6Oh the Heavens3:33
2-1Simple People4:18
2-2Healing Light4:55
2-3Where Will You Be3:15
2-5In Stillness Lies0:41



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.