Higher Ground (COD 101) 1977








Beautiful moody folk/acoustic custom with effective combination of instruments, including mandolin, bowed double bass, flute, harpsichord, autoharp, finger cymbals, steel-string guitar, pedal steel and roto-toms. A typical song is the opening title track – a gorgeous lush moving ballad with acoustic and classical guitars and gentle stirring vocals, back-lit with soft dreamy synthesizer and delicate piano. Similar realms to early John Michael Talbot with comparable quality level. Mostly original titles like ‘The Rock So High’, ‘Like A Star In The Night’, ‘Like The Torch Of Gideon’, ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and ‘The Spirit Wants Into Your Heart Today’. A production of Christ’s Church of the Open Door in Helena, Montana. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Higher Ground4:17
1-2The Rock So High1:50
1-3Like a Star in the Night3:28
1-4Like the Torch of Gideon3:02
1-5Gentle Savior, Lead Me Home4:02
2-2Pilgrim’s Progress4:59
2-3The Spirit Wants into your Heart Today2:31
2-4As I Change2:51



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.