Songs To Be Sung (RIS 2928) 1969?









With their suits, two guitars and string bass, these four young gents visually have the look of early folk groups like The Wedgwood. I expected to see titles like ‘Very Last Day’, ‘Sinner Man’, etc, but looking over the twenty selections here I only recognized one: ‘They’ll Know We Are Christians’. The rest were unknown to me, selected from a then-contemporary Mennonite songbook that featured titles like ‘All The World’s A Seeker’, ‘God Pity The People’, ‘Someone’s Gotta Die’, ‘He Got Me Out’, ‘Get Up, Man’, ‘Little Rain’ and ‘Breath Of Death’. Musically they play in a wholesome folk style, crisp and lively one moment, moody and solemn the next. It’s a sound not unlike some of the early FEL or World Library recordings, specifically Paul Quinlan’s acoustic trio, or the more obscure New Prophets. No booming bass voices, overpowering harmonies, or dragging traditional material that sometimes messes up projects like these. From Elkhart, Indiana. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).







Sons Of Jubal - Songs (Lbl 1)


Sons Of Jubal - Songs (Lbl 2)


Sons Of Jubal - Songs (Bck)








A special thank you to David for providing the music.   Thank you Donald for both sides of the label and the rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Lord Be Praised0:55
1-3All the World’s a Seeker2:00
1-4It Wonders Me3:16
1-5An Answer1:23
1-6Come Unto Me1:30
1-7Little Rain1:34
1-8God Pity the People1:37
1-10They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love1:46
2-1The Bird and the Child3:59
2-3Once I Loved a Little Boy2:27
2-4What Really Did You Go Out to See1:12
2-5Three of Us4:16
2-6Los Pobrecitos3:23
2-7Someone’s Gotta Die1:43
2-8He Got Me Out1:39
2-9Get Up, Man2:02
2-10Breath of Death1:24



Members: Jim Krabill, Jerry Albrecht, Bob Graber, Timm Miller