Evening Pastoral (Sword SWR-7004) 1979






Pianist Rob Cassels’ first album also happens to be his best. You won’t find quite the same degree of mean Southern boogie riffs that appeared on subsequent Ips – this project reminds me more of Leon Russell (he even possesses a bit of Leon’s drawl) Cassels’ more-than-adequate piano finesse is demonstrated on the jazz instrumental ‘Lunar Trot’. Don’t worry, the Southern influence is still here and Steve Morse has been brought in to handle guitar chops as well as dobro and banjo; and some of those female background vocals sound right outta Lynyrd Skynyrd not a spectacular album, but finds its niche among the glut of male solo releases.  Two covers exit, one with a full-sized painting of Rob and piano in an outdoor nature scene at night, the other with just a smaller frame of the painting.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Rob’s more recent material and even some unreleased material is available at Rob’s web site. Although it appears that this album is not but will be coming soon. You can get a brief listen to a couple of tracks. Visit and let him know your interested.   diakoneo






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Battle's Won 3:28
1-2Evening Pastoral 4:07
1-3Lunar Trot 2:44
1-4Windfelt 3:27
1-5Round The Mountain 2:22
2-1Baby Song 4:26
2-2Darkness Is A Goner 2:47
2-3Sherry 3:44
2-4Know He Loves Me 3:58
2-5Testimony 3:55