Miltenberger & Clark (Sweetsong SW-33LPS-1001) 1982







Well-produced rock and acoustic ballads custom from West Virginia duo of Gary Miltenberger and Randy Clark. Slight Southern rural edge, driven home by those female backing vocals. Gary delivers some good heavy electric guitar leads on several tracks, especially smokin’ on ‘Rich Man And Lazarus’ and ‘He’s The One’. Eight of the ten songs written by the pair, the exceptions being acoustic covers of Stookey’s ‘Hymn’ and the Matthews Taylor Johnson tune ‘Over There’ (with a nice steel guitar accompaniment). Moving string arrangements in a couple spots. Another solid ‘80s keeper with a timeless sound. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


This is an incomplete rear cover as side 2 is to the right of the picture as side one is on the left side, there is also information below the picture that is not in this picture, sorry I was not able to capture the full picture from the internet. there are also label pictures of both sides however they are two small to read.   diakoneo




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Please Believe3:55
1-2You Must be Born Again3:38
1-4Rich Man and Lazarus5:05
1-5Over There3:46
2-1Lord of My Heart
2-2No Greater Love
2-3Gentle as the Rain
2-4He's the One
2-5Sail Away



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.