Misa A Go Go (CBS 8909) 1968? Argentina *






The Go Go Mass? What’ll those Catholics think of next? Here’s a cool unknown one from Argentina featuring four young coat-and-tie gents in the classic ’60s three-guitars-and-a-drummer line-up. Misa A Go Go takes aim for that 1966-1967 electric pop/psych/beat sound, successfully hitting the mark more often than not The best cuts rock in the spirit of bands like The Berets, or in the case of the two instrumental tracks, The Ventures. No gargantuan fuzz or anything, but the beat has energy and the electric guitars are nice and twangy, with occasional tremolo effects. The unfortunate use of a kids vocal ensemble on five songs docks the project a couple notches, but the remaining six tracks are all strong. Highlights include ‘Amor, Luz Y Fe’ (‘Love, Light And Faith’) with its punchy garage beat, along with ‘Somos Tu Pueblo, Senor (We Are Your People, Lord) and ‘Consegracion’ (‘Consecration’), both rocking slowly in 6/8 time (accent on beat number 4). ‘Dios Es Mi Padre’ (‘God Is My Father) is strong, as are the two fore mentioned vocal-less numbers, ‘Plegaria’ (‘Prayer) and Vamos A Belen’ (‘We Are Going To Bethlehem’). Cover shows a photo of the band and a priest (arms outstretched) on a church altar. Pressed on bright yellow vinyl.  (Ken Scott – Archivist)

A special thank you to Kevin for locating the front art work on this album.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1los caminos3:20
1-2somos tu peublo senor1:28
1-4dios es mi padre1:58
2-1amor luz y fe
2-3gracias oh dios2:21
2-5vamos a belen2:55
2-6unknown title1:44


A special thank you to Ed for providing the music.