Rainflow… Riverflow (Scratch no #) 1976







Melodic 12-string folk with cordial sunshine-on-your-shoulders open-air vibe ala early Mark Heard. From gentle ballads like ‘Master Artist’, ‘Another River/So Long’ and ‘Sparrow’s Wing’ to quirky country-flavored novelties such as ‘How To Play The Gitar’, ‘Instead Of A Gun’ and ‘The Song Of The Happy Hog Farmer’. Harmonica and piano fill out the sound here and there, plus there’s some banjo and steel guitar on the twangers. Take off those shoes and tickle your toes in the stream. (Ken Scott – Archivist).










Song #Song TitleTime
01Rainfall Riverflow - My Song5:07
02Instead of a Gun4:20
03Before I Say I Do3:51
04Another River - So Long4:46
05How to Play the Gitar1:03
06The Best Year of my Life3:49
07The Song of the Happy Hog Farmer2:51
08Master Artist4:01
09Kirby's Song3:23
10Sparrow's Wing4:04
11And When the Lord Rain Comes - Becky's Song2:44
12It's the Rain!2:24
13In Conclusion1:49



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music & pictures.