Where Is Your God? (Caelix CR 102 LP) 1978


Imago Dei - Where Is Your God

Imago Dei cooks up a fairly funky brew of rock, jazz, r&b and ballads, laying down a ’70s groove halfway between fellow funksters Psalm 150 and Sweet Comfort Band. Naturally you’re gonna need some funky clavinet and Fender Rhodes for such an endeavor, faithfully supplied herein by keyboardist Luke Gillespie. Other members are Brad Brown on drums and percussion, Tim Gillespie on bass and Ken Wiens on electric guitar. An unmistakably ’70s kind of sound, especially when those falsetto r&b background vocals kick in. The jazz angle is most prominent on the piano instrumental ‘log One’. Some of the other cuts: ‘He Is Not Here’, ‘Don’t look At Me’, ‘Do You Really love Him?’, ‘119:05’ and a funkified cover of the hymn ‘Higher Ground’. Nashville label. Interesting white-on- black cover art of outstretched hands, with the band’s name in shiny silver foil Gothic lettering.  (Ken Scott – Archivist).


Imago Dei - Where (Bck)


A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.  Thank you Donald for the Bigger cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He is not Here2:59
1-2For Me2:37
1-3Don't Look at Me4:33
1-4Log One2:04
1-5He's Coming3:46
2-1Do You Really Love Him4:40
2-3Do You Know3:31
2-4Higher Ground1:55
2-5Where is Your God2:18