In The Beauty Of His Holiness (Dove JL~O1) 1977






Moving album of worshipful piano ballads and meditative acoustic songs that seek to draw the listener to the throne of God. Emmanuel is predominantly singer/songwriter James Cowan (guitar, keyboards and synthesizer), with Mary Cowan also on vocals, and two others on additional guitar, lead guitar and harmonica. A couple songs reminded me of ear1y Jeff Johnson circa Anvil Of God’s Word‘, but more often Cowan’s music has the rich lyrical symphonic quality that typified the later Catholic NALR albums. Without the choirs and big arrangements that is, as typically there are only one-to-two instruments accompanying here (keyboards on roughly two-thirds of the tracks, guitar on the rest) Beautiful color cover illustration of two children gazing up at the New Jerusalem in the heavens Custom recording from a Benedictine Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico. (Ken Scott – Archivist).









Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Psalm 1282:38
1-2Come to Me2:26
1-3Root of Jesse4:11
1-4Praise ye the Lord2:37
1-5Open the Door2:00
1-6Wherever You Go3:43
2-1How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place4:44
2-2God is coming back for Me2:05
2-3Breathe on me Breath of God3:11
2-4Jesus I Need You2:39
2-6Receive Our Prayer2:29



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.

Jim Cowan’s web site where you can find Jim’s more recent music.