Edge Of Drifting (Light LS-5559-LP) 1971?







Classic acoustic folk with jazz leanings from ace guitarist Byron Spradlin and upright bassist Carl Stanley. I’m still dumbfounded that something this original, simple and beautiful can be found on of all places the Light label. Even Mr. Easy Listening himself label head Ralph Carmichael steers clear of things, stating nothing on the back save the single sentence “this album speaks for itself”. Indeed it does. Spradlin both plays and sings with passion, anguish and subtlety while Stanley’s fingers run all over the neck bending strings this way and that for a jazzy sound not unlike Stanley Clark. Nothing but the two instruments and occasional percussive backing from a solitary bongo, conga or guirro. There’s a vibrancy present through and through, whether fiercely strummed intense tracks like ‘Jesus Isn’t Lost’ and ‘Edge Of Drifting’ or skillfully finger-picked quietly stirring ballads like ‘With All My Heart’ or the stunning ‘Psalm 139’. Never overkilled, always original, framed throughout with poetic lyrics. A masterful work of art from a place you’d least expect it. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1It is True2:53
1-3Edge of Drifting2:42
1-4Walkin' Along3:01
1-5Who'd Be Worryin'3:01
2-1Jesus Isn't Lost2:19
2-2With All My Heart4:05
2-3I Have Come to You3:02
2-4Psalm 1393:22
2-5Temporary Feeling3:16



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.