The 3 M’s (Artronics ART-2672) 1971?












The 3 M’s: Mary, Marlin and Marilyn, sophomores at Iowa’s Waldorf College doing smooth adult folk tunes. Emphasis is on vocal harmony, with only minimal acoustic backing from bass, guitar and on rare occasion piano. Includes treatments of ‘Moon Shadow’, ‘One Tin Soldier’, ‘Early In The Morning’, ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Marvelous Toy’, the latter with numerous sound effects courtesy of Marlin’s mouth. Some attractive original songs, including ‘Joy In The Morning’, ‘Lovely Jesu’, ‘Benediction & Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘When I Am Down And Out’, all written by Marilyn. Minnesota custom (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

This one is the 1st 3 M’s album.















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Moon Shadow 2:53
1-2Early in the Morning 1:33
1-3Bamboo 2:16
1-4Wedding Prayer 2:48
1-5Amazing Grace 3:03
1-6Marvelous Joy 2:42
1-7Lovely Jesu 3:38
2-1Follow Me 2:19
2-2Away in a Manger 2:33
2-3 When I Am Down and Out 1:47
2-4Benediction & Lord's Prayer 3:10
2-5 One Tin Soldier 4:24
2-6Joy in the Morning 3:54



A special thank you to Chuck for providing the music.

Their 2rd album II looks like this: