Love Is A Verb (Back Door BDS 101) 1968



Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as Sydney Carter, Joe Bash, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, film director Pasolini, Martin Luther King and of course Scripture, William Flanders began writing his own folk hymns in 1967. Love Is A Verb features fourteen of those songs, recorded along with second guitarist Dave Parker. Flanders has a very rich expressive vibrato that takes a little getting used to, but the acoustic guitar work is good, the melodies are authentic, and the lyrics are intelligent and witty. A very simple austere recording with titles like ‘Blood, Flow Down’, ‘Tell That Child To Go Home’, ‘Hypocrite Road’, ‘Song Of Epiphany’, ‘Moses Is Dead’, ‘To Worship You’, ‘I’m Buming Up’, and ‘It’s So Nice Here In The Pew’. He looks sorta like Woody Harrelson with a goatee. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Blood Flow Down2:33
1-2Tell That Child To Go Home2:13
1-3Hypocrite Road2:48
1-4Song Of Epiphany3:16
1-5Moses Is Dead3:53
1-6Forty Nights And Days2:14
1-7Love Is A Verb2:42
2-1To Worship You2:16
2-2John The Baptist1:53
2-3I'm Burning Up1:46
2-4So It's Christmas Time Again4:09
2-5It's So Nice Here In The Pew2:16
2-6Blind Samson4:26
2-7I Was Born To Be Me1:49


See William Flanders Web site.