The Agape Factory (GIA M/S-142) 1971?



With their fourth lp, The Agape Factory, God Unlimited modified their sound to a degree. This album and their final two lack a lot of the depth of the early lps and unfortunately some of the especially gifted solo singers had moved on. The music is still more or less folk based and there are some shining moments, but on the whole these albums probably won’t appeal to the same audience as there can be tendencies to drift into choral/praise, easy listening, contemporary gospel, MOR, and happy pop. The rock influences are all but gone and the vocals are more often of the unison variety. You can still tell it’s them but the framework is not as cutting edge. That said, any let downs are mainly from making comparisons to the group’s former achievements, and the albums still stand up well on their own. Side one of The Agape Factory contains numerous short one-minute liturgical songs such as ‘Kyrie Eleison’, ‘Glory To God’, ‘Creed’, etc., along with the six-minute spoken-word-over-guitar title track: a parable about an old factory that makes big square gray “agapes”. Side two’s ‘Israel’ and ‘I Am Here, Lord’ are among their most gorgeous songs. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Kyrie Eleison1:00
1-2Glory To God

1-4Holy, Holy 1:04
1-5Our Father 1:28
1-6Lamb Of God1:10
1-7The Agape Factory 6:25
2-1Light The Day 2:43
2-2Israel 3:10
2-3Free To Live 2:24
2-4I Am Here Lord 2:24
2-5This Is My Song Alleluia 3:15


Members: Mavis Brechan, Jim Dumbauld, Tom Belt, Betsy Belt, Cindy Hofman, Robbie Bethancourt, Todd Sorensen